Wireless (433mhz) Passive Infra-Red Motion Sensor

Wireless PIR

Wireless PIR Detector
Pet Immunity up to 25kg
3-5 Years of Battery Back up
433Mhz $19.95
(bought same-time with the System & Controller)
▪ Transmission distance: ≥100M (in open area)
▪ Detection distance:12m
▪ Detection angle:90°
▪ MCU processing and intelligent logic control
▪ Anti-false alarm
▪ Auto temperature compensation
▪ Pulse count adjustment
▪ Anti RFI and white light protection
▪ CR2/CR15270 800mA battery backup
▪ Dimension:106*62*46mm


Alarm options         Perimeter Alarms    Pool & Driveway   Access Control (Apartments, Building, Parking) Closed Circuit TV  Lorex Wireless


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